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By Vicki Batts for Natural News

(Natural News) Conservative journalist Laura Loomer is the latest Facebook victim. The social media company unceremoniously deleted Loomer’s Facebook page this week, after she posted a video of a Muslim political candidate assaulting her for asking a few questions. In the video, soon-to-be congresswoman Rashida Tlaib can be seen grabbing Loomer’s phone right from her hand.

Ms. Loomer, a Jewish reporter, approached Tlaib and another Muslim candidate, Ilhan Omar at event held for the latter this past weekend. Loomer had several questions for the would-be congresswomen, which went unanswered. In the video, Loomer can be heard asking Tlaib, a Palestinian woman,  if she would condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization. Palestine-based Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the U.S. government.

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Loomer continued by asking the candidates how they would represent their Jewish constituents, and condemned Omar for voting against legislation in Minnesota that would have made the practice of female genital mutilation a felony. See the video Loomer shared on Twitter below:

Loomer has been attacked by the left-wing media, with liberal pundits admonishing her for “disrupting” Omar and Tlaib’s campaign event by asking them questions they didn’t want to answer. A headline by Newsweek even accused Loomer of “accosting” the Muslim candidates. Another publicationHaaretz, called Loomer an “alt-right troll.”

The hypocrisy of the left-wing shines here; where were these concerns when Antifa was rioting in the streets to literally shut down conservative events? It is no less accosting when a leftist accuses a conservative of racism or Fascism for supporting free speech, yet, only one party gets shunned for this sort of behavior. It’s liberal fascism at its finest: Only the Left has the right to call out and interrupt their political adversaries.

Loomer banned by Facebook

Biased media coverage is no longer the only issue facing conservative journalists and activists these days, however. Shortly after Loomer shared the video of Omar and Tlaib on Facebook, the social media giant informed her the footage was taken down for not following community standards.

Within 24 hours, Loomer’s personal Facebook page had been suspended. Facebook says Loomer was banned for 30 days, due to “repeatedly posting things that don’t comply with the Facebook Terms.” At the time of this reporting, it appears that Loomer’s official Facebook page is still active, though she herself is unable to post on it.

As Big League Politics notes, Loomer joins the ranks of Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson and Gavin McInnes, all of whom have been banned by various social media outlets for daring to be publicly conservative.

While it is true that Facebook, YouTube and Apple are private companies who are not typically bound to uphold civil rights and can ban users at whim, there are serious concerns about allowing these corporations to operate outside the rule of law.

As sources note, the “big four” (Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube) have a serious monopoly in the world of social media and the internet in general. The internet is the primary arena for public discourse in our tech-savvy society — and now politicians and left-wing legacy media outlets are lobbying them to get what they want.

While the government may not be doing the dirty work, that doesn’t mean its not censorship. See more coverage of news about silenced conservative voices at Censorship.news.

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