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By John Miltenberger


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He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

[Psalm 107:20; NKJV]

“Your Word is life to all who find it, and health to all their bones.”

As is my custom, I got out of bed last night and went downstairs to pray. I haven’t had “an adventure in prayer” for awhile, and didn’t really expect I’d have one last night, but I misjudged. God always chooses His own time to come, and it’s always a pleasant surprise.

I began by marveling that when we pray, and our prayers are received by God, they become His property, and as such, they become eternal things, because He is eternal. They don’t just drift off towards the ceiling and disappear. Of course, that is predicated on the assumption our prayers are righteous prayers and line up with the heart and nature of God Himself.

For instance, if I pray for my neighbor to swallow poison and die, it would be folly to think God would answer it…(but someone else might, and it falls into a category of prayers called “Christian witchcraft”). Therefore, it’s incumbent upon us to pray thoughtfully and carefully, and be alert as we formulate them, for we are creating something eternal as we pray. But if our prayers don’t come from our hearts, and just tumble as words routinely spoken, I’m not at all certain they count as real prayers. Let God be the judge.

After a few minutes I began pondering that the only thing God’s Word can’t do is – Nothing. If the prayer is on target and from the right motive, God will certainly do something with it, but there is no guarantee it’ll be on our schedule.

By the way, looking back some years, I’m usually grateful God forgot my stupid, shallow and selfish prayers. He is patient. Then Psalm 107:20 quietly crept into my mind, and I looked it up to make sure I had remembered it correctly.

By this time I was feeling sure God was speaking to me, and feeding His thoughts into my mind, and my excitement grew as I began to feel His presence. Then I heard this thought in my head: “Your Word is life to all who find it, and health to all their bones.” I suppose I knew that already, but I’ve never had it spoken directly to me by God, and a quiet sense of faith and well-being filled my heart as I sat before my electric fireplace.

I’m not writing this to boast about being a super spiritual person, because I’m not…but God is, and when He leads my thoughts and speaks to me I can’t really express in words how rich it is. And it doesn’t happen every time I pray, either. I sometimes experience days, weeks or months of relative inactivity, but the point is – I never stop expecting Him to manifest Himself, for I know He wants to do so.

If you’re reading this, and like me, you have critical issues that seem as yet unaddressed, even though you know God’s will for the issues, take heart. If you wait for it, and “Stay the course”, He will send His Word.

And it is a Kingdom law: His Word is life to all who find it, and health to all their bones. Just as His Word formed the world we live on, His Word once spoken, is healing for our bodies.

His Word cannot do Nothing – that’s the only thing It can’t do.


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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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