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Pride kills.

America is all about pride.

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You do the math.

For those who are a little slow (or a lot in denial) where such simple calculations are concerned, the Lord is graciously piling mountains of undeserved (and generally unwanted) evidence all around so that none can coherently claim to have anything remotely resembling a legit excuse for somehow failing to notice that America is openly and quite proudly at war with God.

One recent bit of said evidence is the latest in a long line of overtly anti-Christ propaganda being pitched by the US military. Check it out for yourself:

Howsabout that for a fine, steaming example of where anti-Christ pride leads a people?

“Embracing diversity.”

“Exemplifying values.”

“Proud legacy.”

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

Gotta love those “values”!

Gotta love that “proud legacy”!

So yeah, we still hate God and openly despise His rule over us. Now more than ever.

That’s the American reality, people.

It’s been two years since the US Supreme Court formally begged for the wrath of God upon America by declaring war on God’s institutions of marriage and family, and in the time that’s passed since then we’ve only doubled and tripled down on the rocket ride to hell that is “American pride”.

Yet God’s Word still stands.

His Law is unbreakable.

Pride still kills.

Even when it’s wrapped in red, white, and blue.

Only repentance and submission to Christ can save us.

Our increasingly gay army can’t save us.

Our increasingly gay economics can’t save us.

Our increasingly gay approaches to art and education can’t save us.

They can only kill us.

As they are now.

Just look around.

Only Christ can save us from our self-centered, self-serving, self-referential pride.

Only He can set us free.

Only His Word and Law can bring true peace, prosperity, liberty, freedom, and justice for all who submit to Him as Lord in practice.

May God grace us with the brokenness and repentance necessary to cast off our pride and repent, while there is yet time.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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