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Okay, so with the latest in a long line of saber-rattling over Syria hitting the news this week, and our perpetual march to (ever more) war(s) seeming to lurch zombie-style ever closer to the Big Game goal of mixing it up with Russia, it seems like a good time to recap a few key facts:

  1. God owns everyone and everything. (See: Genesis 1; Romans 9.)
  2. God uses everyone and everything to accomplish His purposes to the ultimate benefit of His people, whom He uses to advance His kingdom on His schedule throughout all of His creation, all by His grace and all for His glory. (See: Romans 8:28-31; Matthew 28:18-20; Colossians 1:15-20.)
  3. God’s use of everyone and everything in His creation frequently includes His use of one force to put a smackdown on another. (See: 2 Kings 15-18; Exodus.)

Now let’s add to that set of basic truths the following irrefutable facts:

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  1. America is openly at war with God…while frequently claiming His name.
  2. America proudly celebrates and holds up the “right” to openly worship false gods as a virtue, rather than as the explicit evil God describes it to be in His Word. Making matters worse, Americans often describe this right as “God-given”. Just think about that for a moment the next time someone (often on the Pagan Political Right) says something about how important it is for Christians to fight for the “religious liberty” of Muslims to openly worship Allah (and therefore, of necessity, Satanists to openly worship Satan).
  3. “We the People” have made the American State our god in practice. With our concepts of “rights”, “liberty” and “freedom” utterly severed from submission to Christ and reliance upon His Word, we’ve predictably embraced all manner of satanic counterfeit approaches to law, liberty, freedom, economics, education, art, and pretty much everything else. This is how we’ve come to have everything from “legal” child sacrifice and “legal” public devil worship to “legal” “gay marriage” and “legal” porn production, promotion, and consumption.
  4. America is a land drenched in hollow, shallow, apathetic, and impotent “Christianity”. Even in most of our so-called “conservative, Bible believing” churches, the pastors and “professionals” in charge present a tiny, truncated, pathetic little counterfeit gospel that doesn’t “get in the way” or hurt the feelings of masses of congregants who want to gush on about how lovely and neato Jesus is while avoiding actually doing what He has explicitly commanded in the aforementioned realms of law, economics, education, and art.

Alright, now with these two lists properly noted, let’s add a third and final series, this time in the form of questions:

  1. If the God of Christianity is actually God, what might He think of the proud, unrepentant, and wildly rebellious America described in List 2?
  2. If that God is God, then shouldn’t we expect Him to “bring the hammer down”, so to speak, on such a proud and unrepentant people?
  3. If that God is God, shouldn’t we expect that He may well use Russia, ISIS, Islam, North Korea, China, Syria or Sponge Bob to help make that happen?
  4. If that God is God, can our military save us?
  5. If that God is God, don’t we – even “We the People” – have to repent in order to survive in His creation?
  6. If that God is God and He will wipe the rebellious off the face of His earth (“just as in the days of Noah”), then shouldn’t we repent of our anti-Christian approaches to economics, law, war, law, education, and everything else?
  7. If that God is God, can anything but repentance and submission to Him save us from His wrath?

These are the things we should be considering as the world seems to spin increasingly out of control around us.

These are the things we should contemplate first and foremost.

And while we’re thinking about what God is about to do with His property at this point in His creation of history, we should remember that even though things may seem to be spiraling out of control from our perspective, they are anything but out of His control.

He has everything and everyone exactly where He wants them; exactly where He ordained they would be from before the foundation of the earth itself.

So don’t fear the Russians.

Or the Liberals, the Syrians, the LGBTQSTD crowd, or the Muslims.

Fear the Lord.

Don’t fear the Clintons, the Obamas, the Establishment, the Chinese, the loss of the American military, the collapse of the American economy, or even the loss of America itself.

Fear the Lord.

Repent accordingly.

And live.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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