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By John Miltenberger


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I’ve learned through personal experience, that “Religion” is deadly and without mercy to those without, and slavery to those within. It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had, and even now I’m still learning from it. And if you’re exposed to preachers that sometimes harp on the evils of “Religion”, you might actually be on the right track, because the religious will seldom cut their own throats.

Religion is man made, and produces by default, men and women who are enslaved to a man-made system. It is a system that comes with many different and sometimes confusing labels, but it is one system in many guises. The driving spirit behind religion is at best, man’s spirit, but these systems all come with one lifetime warranty: You are ultimately guaranteed to fall short and perish.

It is rumored that some sky diving schools used to advertise that if your parachute didn’t open, they’d repack it for free. Just a rumor, of course, but it reminds me of my topic. I am of course, contrasting Religion with God’s version of (True) Religion.

Man’s religion is necessarily limited to the goals of man. And this is true no matter how much we sincerely hope God will bless them. God’s religion is limited by Himself, as a Person, and His goals for us, His creation, and on into eternity. God’s limits are unlimited; I’d go as far as calling them an unlimited, forever unfolding glory.

If you wonder whether you’re trapped in religion, simply wait until your church completes one of it’s projects and then ask the pastor, “Now what?”, because man-made religion doesn’t have now-what’s. By asking what would seem a logical, innocent question, you will have exposed the nakedness of the church system, and if you ask that question you will in all likelihood be labeled a rebel.

Any man-made religious system is a closed system; there really is no external life-source, and any “goals” are simply goals in a closed loop. Like the ‘Man who never returned’ you are destined to go round and round…until the warranty is validated.

In contrast, God’s religion is Jesus. It is powered by His Eternal Life and it’s goals are the desires of God’s Heart. In a man-made system, it’s all about the desires of our hearts. In God’s religion, it’s all about His Heart and His desires – lucky for us He’s a good God!!

Man-made religion has no risks. It is safe and it is entirely predictable. It appeals to those comfortable with being dumbed down and is run by those who already have been. As such, it is by definition, a club.

God’s religion is chock full of risks, and only the “crazy” would consider it normal. It is like being a passenger in a large plane with an invisible pilot. And while there are hints of the ultimate destination, yet unexperienced, the stops along the way are definitely not passenger directed. In fact, some days, it’s like a spiritual version of running across Omaha Beach on D-Day, but while the bullets may take their toll, they cannot keep you from getting Home; the war has been won already. Now the only remaining question becomes: “Do I run with the others, or do I sit down and wait for the bullet?”

1 Corinthians 6:17 says: ‘But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. And the ‘join’ is in the context of the closeness of a sexual union. Read it for yourself. Back up a few verses and begin with the context. God is not afraid of sex. We can’t be ‘one flesh’ with Him because He is Spirit, but we can be one Spirit with Him in the joining.

It is in the joining that God’s “religion” is created and lived. If you’re not intimately joined, you are indeed stuck in the wrong religious system. And if you are joined to the wrong religious system – you are dead already.

Think about it. Now what?


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John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far
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