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One of the basic lies that we believe – and love – is the notion that we can have Jesus’ stuff without having Jesus.


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We actually think we can pursue these things in a legit manner apart from explicit subjugation to Christ. In a very basic (and hopefully obvious) sense, this is rank idolatry – a rank idolatry that defines the philosophy of education employed by American public schools, and has thereby come to dominate the dying culture in which we live.

Through the satanic theory of knowledge promoted in public schools, we are encouraged to do three acutely anti-Christian and (therefore) inherently destructive things:

  1. We are encouraged to idolize God’s creations of law, logic, economics, art, and civil government.
  2. We are encouraged to covet these things – to seek possession of them for ourselves on our terms apart from God’s nature as revealed in His Word.
  3. We are encouraged to steal them for ourselves by way of an approach to education (the pursuit of knowledge) and life in practice modeled directly after the serpent’s pitch in Eden (see: Genesis 3).

So it is that idolatry, covetousness, and theft are three pillars of the modern American approach to life, even (and especially) where professing Christians are concerned. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way we deal with the subject of children’s education.

We actually believe that we can properly and productively pursue knowledge of economics apart from explicit connection with and subjugation to God.

Same goes for politics.

And art.

And law.

And math.

And logic.

And pretty much everything else.


Why do we believe that we can pursue knowledge of these things that God owns, defines, and sustains personally apart from embracing and submitting to God personally?

Because we’ve been discipled to think that way.

By the State. (See also: Temples of the State: The VERY Religious Mission of American Public Schools.)

We’ve been taught to pursue knowledge apart from God. Just like in Eden.

We’ve been encouraged to build idols.

We’ve been conditioned to covet.

We’ve been programmed to steal.

All because we’ve bought into a counterfeit philosophy of education. All because we’ve embraced just another version of the same old lie first told and sold to Adam and Eve.

Pursuing Jesus’ stuff apart from Jesus isn’t a Christian value.

It’s a satanic one.

And that satanic value is the foundation of public schools in America.

May we repent and reform our approach to education accordingly…while there is yet time.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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