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It’s funny how many will grasp at straws and see reason in illogical thought processes. People will believe outright lies and falsehood rather than believe the truth. Anything that lets a person hold on to the belief that there is no God – many will embrace and defend these beliefs even with undeniable proof that these beliefs are incorrect. Atheism is a prime example of this.

Creation itself and the things that reside within said creation fairly scream; there is a God! I have even heard it said that intelligent design does not necessarily reflect that God is responsible for said design. Really now, who then is? No human could have designed Creation let alone the things in it – like humans.

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Creation VS the Big Bang Theory

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing, spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”
Stephen Hawking – The Grand Design


The universe created itself – really? How? That would imply the universe is self- aware and this writer does not buy that. Lets think about that a moment. With all that man has made, has man truly created anything? No. Everything ever made by man has come from something. The materials to make anything and everything were here on this earth, someone just figured out how to use those materials. In other words, we are to believe that the universe was and is a sentient being of some sort able to create itself at some point? I think not. Nothing of a complex nature can be made without thought involved, therefore it stands to reason that the universe did not create itself, someone created it – God. The universe is so complex science does not even begin to understand it all, there is no chance it happened randomly or by itself.

Science itself denies the universe created itself, if the Big Bang Theory were true – there would be:

Monopoles – a particle that has a single magnetic pole instead of two opposite poles such as magnets have. These monopoles have never been found despite being diligently searched for.

Antimatter – in the Big Bang Theory, matter was created from energy – at the same time antimatter should have been created in equal amounts. Yet only trace amounts of antimatter have been found. (1)

A Matter of Conscience

Our conscience – that part of our mind that tells us some things are wrong, like murder and lying. How can anyone believe that most all people have the same basic morals by chance? That just isn’t logical. An entire species believes in the same basic values by chance? Not hardly. Billions of people, many, many different cultures, many different beliefs, and different religions, in a whole host of different locales – all believe in some basic morals and this just happened? Impossible.

The Animal Kingdom


Many different animals display characteristics that defy explanation, unless of course the explanation is intelligent design, i.e., God.

How about birds? Some fly thousands of miles when they migrate…how do they know where to go? How did that knowledge get there? Some birds have been born in a certain locale and removed from there right away – and they still knew where to fly to get home – how is this possible?

Giraffes? With its long neck (8 feet) the giraffe’s heart must pump blood at a very high pressure in order to reach the brain. When the giraffe bends its neck down to take a drink of water, the high blood pressure would cause serious damage to the giraffes brain – except that there are pressure-sensing signals and bypass valves built into the giraffe.

Geckos can walk and stick to any surface, wet or dry – even glass – upside down.

Human Traits

The human DNA…extremely complex, even science now admits intelligent design. Many professors will not publically admit it or they are fired. DNA happened by chance? Impossible – that is about as likely as a computer forming itself out of random parts in a warehouse.

The human eye: extremely complex with all that it can do. The human eye can visualize different colors and shades of color, depth perception, and see objects up close and then refocus and see objects far away.

“To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree.”
Charles Darwin



Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is rife with problems as even he admitted, and yet most still cling to this preposterous theory. In the above quote from Darwin, he admitted that there was no way the human eye could have been formed by natural selection! In order for the Theory of Evolution to be true, there must exist transitional forms, i.e., the in between forms that would have existed when one species transformed into another one, e.g., apes into humans. This fact alone disproves evolution, as these forms have never been found in the fossil record.

Then there are the supposed ape-men used as the defining proof that evolution is true, Piltdown man, Nebraska man, etc. All of them proven to be fake.

The Need for Worship

How about this? Most people want to believe in something higher than themselves, this occurs throughout the world and all through time. People have and do worship trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, nature, the divine mother, guiding spirits (demons), animals, and the list goes on. How is it that this need to believe in someone or something higher than ourselves, and to worship this entity came to be in almost all people? It is simply preposterous to think this need happened by itself. God put that need within our very souls. We all have a “God sized hole” in us that will be satisfied by nothing other than God.

Ask many people if they feel (those who do not believe in God) if there is something missing in their lives, and if they are honest they will often answer yes; that something is God.


(1) The Big Bang, Answers in Genesis Dr. Jason Lisle

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