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Hillary Clinton continues defending her illegal Libyan regime change war. Meanwhile here’s what life is like for women and men under ISIS rule in Libya.

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A leading international rights group on Wednesday released a report documenting atrocities by Libya’s Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) affiliate – including instances of “crucifixions” and shooting a man to death for “cursing Allah” – in the coastal city of Sirte, a stronghold of the militants.

And that’s not all.

Men were flogged for acts such as smoking or listening to music, and fathers were ordered to “marry off their daughters” to the group’s fighters as ISIS spread a wave of terror among the townspeople.

Life for women was grand in Hillary’s new Islamic utopia.

“We had to cover everything including our faces,” said “Huda,” 28, who fled in March. “If you show your hands, they fine your husband 75 dinars [US $58]. If you show your feet, it’s 150 dinars [US $116]. The second time it happens they give the husband a warning. The third time it happens, they whip him. We had to have a male escort even to go shopping. We had no choice. Women in Sirte cannot object.”

Shops are banned from selling perfume, accessories that Hisba enforcers deem ornate, or frilly underwear, five former residents said. “You can buy underwear but you have to go to specific stores approved by ISIS, which controls the merchandise,” said one displaced resident, “Omar.”

Islamic law. This is what it’s like. This is the outcome of the illegal war that Hillary pushed and Obama approved using blatant lies.

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