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A year ago I was blessed through Divine Appointments to personally come to know some dear mature Followers of Christ who had been called to the Office of Intercession.  This office is an actual Office of Ministry within the Body of Christ, and I can share from close observation and being taught (I have not been called to that office) this form of service is not for the faint hearted, the egotist, the person who needs constant affirmation or recognition.  Possibly little understood by the masses the person called to serve as a true intercessor is one that struggles through an extensive training by the Lord Himself, thru the Holy Spirit.  While a mentor will come along, by Divine Appointment, the hours of various learning, studying God’s Word, pressing in to the Lord for clarification, direction, confirmation, etc., being awakened at 2 or 3 in the morning to go and separate yourself in a prayer closet to become very quiet and pray, wait, and pray some more, is impressive for lack of a better description.  True intercessors are known to those who need to know; otherwise, they go about life as routine not drawing attention to themselves and the vital ministry in which they participate and serve.  Mature intercessors with years of experience are truly a blessing in ways mere words escape me to describe.  I am richly blessed to have mature intercessors, called by God Himself, in my life this past year working as a team in 7 states as I distribute information on intelligence, security, and critical matters for the church at-large to consider.  I am humbled, also beyond description, to have personal intercessors who faithfully pray and intercede for me before the Throne of Heaven. 

It was through these intercessors I learned the Lord intended to begin revealing what heretobefore remained hidden; they (the intercessors) had directly been led by the Holy Spirit to begin pressing in asking the Lord to pull back the veil on secrets, plans, tactics, and shenanigans of the political elite; to at least expose many of the works intended to subdue Christianity, God’s Word operating in our country, and the covenants made by our Forefathers for this Nation.  The Lord even spoke through one of His modern day Prophets declaring that a whirlwind had begun over America, and much like a tornado, there would be much separating and revealing or exposing.  What man saw as destructive God viewed as separating and revealing for His purposes; what man saw as a setback, God was providing opportunity for us to move into our destinies in Him, not merely remain mired in a worldly system.  Furthermore…God set about to show man that all of his sophisticated, hidden, and diabolically inspired plans are but like mere dust in God’s Hands, able to be blown apart at any given moment decreed by the Lord of lords and King of kings…God of Heaven and Earth, God Eternal.  I have been watching this very thing occur over the past year, and to continue even today in the political arenas. 

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Below is another example of God’s revealing nature to His kids if they would but seek and call on Him to order their day and allow Him to set a direction for them to travel.  I chose to send the below political revelation along as an example of how faithful prayer can, and does, move mountains.  If we are to witness the salvation of our country it will only be through prayer and intercession; not by might. 

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and the below article.  Thank you dear nameless intercessors who are not at all nameless before the Throne of God nor in my heart.

              Dr. Lyle –

Written by David Leach

December 9, 2015 – a date that will live in infamy.

I hope you’ll pardon my satirical quote of FDR, but something just happened in Paris, France that could be just as devastating to one of the pet causes of the left-wing extremists as the bombs dropped by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor were to the U.S. Navy.

It only took 40 seconds, but it essentially ended 40 years of political activism.

Speaking at the Conference of Parties (COP 21) in Paris, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted what so-called deniers have known for years: Emissions cuts by the U.S. and other industrialized nations will make no difference to global climate.

“… The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions, guess what — that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world.

If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions — remember what I just said, all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions — it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65% of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.”

This is the first time such a senior government official has admitted that cutting American carbon emissions is little more than an exercise in futility, but he’s not the first.

A few years ago, Sen. Jim Inhofe was successful in getting former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to admit that U.S. emissions cuts would do little to address the global climate. Current EPA administrator Gina McCarthy has admitted that the new EPA carbon dioxide rules targeting utility power plants were created to show global leadership.

Clearly Kerry’s admission will have political consequences, but if the spineless RINOs had any brains—wait a minute, what am I saying?—this admission should have legal consequences as well, based on the 2007 Supreme Court decision that gave the EPA authority to regulate so-called greenhouse gases. In that case, the Supremes carefully noted that, although the EPA couldn’t solve the global warming by itself, it was allowed to proceed with incremental progress on the problem. However, Kerry’s admission provides clear evidence that the U.S. government knew all along that such incremental progress was impossible.

Based on Kerry’s admission, the brainless Republicans on Capitol Hill should make sure this information finds its way into the continuing litigation levied against the Feds. If they do, just like Pearl Harbor, it should blow ’em up!

SOURCE: The Strident Conservative

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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided intelligence briefings and consultations to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security, Deviant Movement Groups, and threats to State sovereignty from May 2010 thru April of 2018.  Dr. Rapacki’s reports, briefings and consultations have enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now being directed to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church of the challenges and threats directed ahead.  He is the author of the successful Amazon Kindle booklet: “Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven” $5 Kindle.