Written by Cooper Allen

In what would have been a fascinating telephone conversation to overhear, The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump, the leader in every recent poll of GOP presidential candidates, and Bill Clinton, the 42nd president and husband to the leader of every poll of Democratic White House contenders, had a “casual chat” about politics in late May.

The Post cites “four Trump allies and one Clinton associate” who said that, in the call, Clinton encouraged the billionaire real estate developer to take on a more active role within the GOP.

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Suffice it to say, Trump took Clinton’s advice, though The Post reports that a Clinton aide said the 2016 campaign was not discussed.

Trump would go on to announce his presidential bid on June 16, and he’s been stirring controversy while surging up the polls ever since.

The allies of Trump told The Post that Clinton told Trump he was resonating with disaffected conservatives.

Neither the Hillary Clinton campaign nor the Trump campaign commented for the article.

Current campaign rhetoric notwithstanding, Trump and the Clintons have been friendly in the past, as evidenced by the former first couple’s attendance at Trump’s 2005 wedding as well as past donations from Trump to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaigns.

SOURCE: USA Today – On Politics