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Whether you like Donald Trump or not, you have to admire his tenacity in not faltering under the barrage of criticism by the left. The Liberals, totally took what he said out of context, added to it, twisted it and then fed it back to the sniveling “sheeple’ willing to pounce on anyone who has a thought that differs from theirs!  They  can take a valid point and add an “intolerant slant”  to make any Conservative comment out to be racist, hateful, unpatriotic, uncaring, and lets not foget, homophobic!

Because the Democrats can’t stand on their record, they will resort to any sort of  disingenuous race-baiting pandering to the public in order to divide and conquer to further their agenda.The trouble with that plan is that as they divide up America, they also make us vulnerable to our enemies.  And that should be a crime.   MB

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 Lloyd Marcus on American Thinker says:

Catching bits of the news, my wife asked, “Did Donald Trump say something against Mexicans?”  I replied, “No, Trump simply dared to state statistical facts exposing the high criminal element among the illegals flooding across our border.”

I’ve read horrific articles about the torture, rape and murder of Mexican women and children during their illegal journey to America, not to mention the gang members and other bad people invading our homeland.  The probability of getting raped is so high crossing the border illegally that women take birth control.

And yet Trump was not supposed to alert the American people.  The left immediately went into attack and destroy mode, trying to brand Trump a hater of Mexicans.

The left had a cow when Trump stated the truth because welcoming illegals, regardless of their caliber, is how the left restocks the Democratic Party with new uneducated and unskilled future voters who will be dependent on government and vote for Democrats, who promise more freebies.

To silence and hopefully destroy Trump, the left employed its standard never failing tactic of changing the subject and taking its opponent’s comments to the extreme.  Case in point: addressing illegal immigration means that Trump hates Mexicans.

Hillary “not an ounce of scruples in her” Clinton took Trump’s comments to the most outrageous extreme, attempting to blame him for the mass shooting at the church in Charleston, South Carolina.  How do you get to mass murder from Trump simply telling the truth about illegal immigration?  Hillary believes that voters are clueless, and her leftist media buddies will help her despicable, nonsensical indictment to stick to Trump in their minds.

As expected, businesses are spinelessly disassociating themselves from Trump.  Trump was then supposed to cower in fear and shame, drop to his knees begging for forgiveness, make a large contribution to Telemundo, throw in a check for Al Sharpton for good measure, and shut up.  But the left got Trumped.

Trump firmly stood by his comments, because they are true.  How long will the American people be bullied into silence, in essence allowing the left to repeal their First Amendment right to free speech?

Leftist operative Don Lemon at CNN could hardly believe his ears.  Stunned, Lemon said Trump actually “doubled down” on his comments.  The left rarely encounters such non-metrosexual insolence.

Here’s another example of the left’s tactic of changing the subject and taking things to the extreme.  The left changed the subject from a wacko white guy murdering blacks in a church to banning the Confederate flag.  The left has decreed that anyone who does not rip down the historic Confederate flag obviously hates black Americans.  As always, the left’s “take the argument to the extreme” tactic is working.  Quaking in their boots, business executives are frantically ordering the immediate removal of Confederate flags – hoping their compliance beats the left targeting them.

NASCAR asked fans to cease displaying Confederate flags at races.  I’m a black guy who would love to see a sea of Confederate flags at the next NASCAR race.  I have no feelings about the Confederate flag other than that I would relish our country giving the left’s tyrannical political correctness the metaphoric finger.  In other words, “Trump it.”

Apparently, voters are finding it refreshing to have a Trump card in the game, smacking down political correctness.  Quinnipiac has Donald Trump a strong second among GOP presidential contenders in Iowa.

“The Donald” is showing Americans how to respond to the left’s bullying tactic, Trumping political correctness.

Political correctness has decreed that reading bedtime stories to your kids is racist, citing having a loving family an “unfair advantage.”  Trump it.  Read more stories to your kids.  Double down, and thoroughly P-O the left by including reading the Rush Revere children’s books to your kids.

Political correctness has decreed that peanut butter and jelly is racist.  Why?  Wait for it…“it leads to cultural sensitivity.”  These people on the left are nuts.  I say, Trump it, folks.  Let’s start National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.  Just kidding, but you get my point.

A while ago, I excitedly fired off a column for publication, praising a presidential contender who boldly stated a politically incorrect truth.  I raved about the candidate’s courage and backbone, standing up to the left.  The editor wrote back informing me that my guy caved and apologized.  Oh…okay…never mind.  We scratched the column.

I don’t expect that to happen with “The Donald.”  I pray that other GOP candidates will take a cue and learn how to play the Trump card.

Posted by Lloyd  Marcus on American Thinker


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