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President Obama is again showing his callousness to the will of the American public. Both Houses of Congress seem prepared to support and pass legislation that would ban late-term abortions, protecting the poor children who quite obviously feel pain in the womb, but President Obama plans to veto any such bill.

On Friday the House voted on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36), which would ban all abortions after 20 weeks. Most of the world seems to understand the barbarity of allowing elective late-term abortions on demand because only 7 nations, including the USA, currently allow them.

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The six other nations that allow elective abortion after 20 weeks include China, North Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Netherland, and Canada. The report notes that Singapore and the Netherlands prohibit abortion at 24 weeks and the United States prohibits abortion at the point of viability. The rest have no restrictions in law.

Fortunately, the VAST majority of Americans favor a ban on elective late term abortions.

According to the national survey, 84% of Americans want significant restrictions on abortion, and would limit abortions to, at most, the first three months of pregnancy. This includes almost 7 in 10 (69 percent) who identify themselves as “pro-choice” who support such abortion limits and oppose late-term abortions.

The same percentage (84 percent) also says that laws can protect both the well-being of a woman and the life of the unborn. In addition, by more than 20 points (60 percent to 38 percent), Americans say abortion is morally wrong.

Other national polls also show strong support nationwide for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and stopping late-term abortions.

A poll conducted for the liberal Huffington Post find Americans support the ban on late-term abortions starting at 20-weeks of pregnancy by almost a 2-1 margin.

The House seems likely to easily pass H.R. 36 with bipartisan consensus, and the Senate will likely follow suit, but President Obama, true to his contrarian and anti-democratic nature, is choosing to ignore the will of the people and rule by fiat. The White House says the President plans to veto the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act if it passes both chambers of Congress.

The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 36, which would unacceptably restrict women’s health and reproductive rights and is an assault on a woman’s right to choose. Women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies and their health care, and Government should not inject itself into decisions best made between a woman and her doctor.

Over the past forty years, since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has affirmed a woman’s constitutional right to privacy, including the right to choose. H.R. 36 is a direct challenge to the Supreme Court’s holdings on abortion. Not only is the basis for H.R. 36 scientifically disputed, the bill disregards women’s health and rights, the role doctors play in their patients’ health care decisions, and the Constitution. Furthermore, the provision that requires rape and incest survivors to report the crime to a law enforcement agency or child welfare authority in order to have access to an abortion after the 20-week mark demonstrates a complete disregard for the women who experience sexual assault and the barriers they may face in reporting. Research indicates that the majority of survivors have not reported their sexual assaults to law enforcement.

The Administration is continuing its efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies, expand access to contraception, support maternal and child health, and minimize the need for abortion. At the same time, the Administration is committed to the protection of women’s health and reproductive freedom and to supporting women and families in the choices they make.

If the President were presented with this legislation, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto this bill.

unborn child grabs doctor's fingerThere is so much wrong with this ridiculous statement that it’s hard to know where to even begin. The science behind fetal pain is solid and widely accepted; only among the most zealous pro-abortion advocates is it “unsettled.” The most Orwellian line above may well come in the first paragraph, “Government should not inject itself into decisions best made between a woman and her doctor.” It’s almost funny, but the entire Obama era has centered around the idea that the government should indeed inject itself between the patient and her doctor. Obamacare is exactly that! The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is not about the woman — it is about protecting the life of a living, feeling person. As is the wont of liberal pro-abortion advocates, they then appeal to women who have been raped or instances of assault or incest. While these experience are harrowing, even life altering, they make up less than 1% of abortion cases, and even then the pregnancy is not the fault of the child, but of the offender.

There is more ridiculousness in the White House statement, but who has time to cover all of the idiocy here?

The point is that the vast majority of Americans want a ban on late term abortion, Congress seems poised to pass a ban on late term abortion, and President Obama, in his usual condescending manner, doesn’t care. He doesn’t like it, so he plans on vetoing it.

That’s America today (ask all the states who held referendums on gay marriage and outlawed the practice only to have the courts and the federal government overturn their vote), where a few connected political “leaders” do whatever they want, and the rest of us have to live with it.
Posted by Onan Coca on Godfather Politics

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