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Obama, the great divider,  picks and chooses his biases. For someone to say they are an ex-gay apparently is an affront to Obama.  I guess it doesn’t line up with his agenda for promoting LGBT. 

Just imagine a president, like Barack Obama for example, refusing to meet with a group because of their sexual orientation.

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Impossible, you say?

Well …

A petition has been launched at Change.org, a popular online petition-posting site that boasts it is integral to helping people “transform their communities” every day, asking President Obama to keep his word.

In his victory speech on November 5, 2008, as reported by the New York Times,Obama said: “And for those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight; but I hear your voices. I need your help, and I will be your president, too.”

Which is just fine with the petition organizers, including Janet Boynes of Janet Boynes Ministries, if only he would.

The problem for them is that he’s hasn’t met with them, or listened to them, and very likely the problem for Obama is that they are ex-”gays.”

Former homosexuals. Former lesbians.

Which, under the politically correct mantra in which the country is awash these days, don’t exist. Because, under the demands for “civil rights” for a sexual orientation, such orientation would have to be immutable.

After all, who would make a lifestyle choice a constitutional right?

The petition is for everyone who would like to see the conversation with Obama happen, not just those who have left the same-sex lifestyle. It explains:

“For those of us who have left the homosexual lifestyle, you have never listened to us. Countless people who are participating in the homosexual lifestyle have visited with you at the White House, and you have supported them on numerous occasions.

“What about those of us whose compelling stories you have chosen to ignore? We also have voices; and when you were first elected, you promised to listen to us. That has not happened yet.

“Mr. President, when will you take the time to sit down with us and let us share our experiences?”

Boynes, whose ministry focuses on individuals questioning their sexuality and those who wish to leave homosexuality, speaks from experience. Fourteen years she lived as a lesbian until God called her out of that lifestyle. That was more than a decade ago.

In a commentary, she wrote, “For years, the president of the United States has sat down with those in the LGBTQ community but has failed to hear the stories of those of us who have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle. … Please join me in signing this petition to ask President Obama to hear the voices of those of us who know from personal experiences or through the experiences of others that it is possible to leave the homosexual lifestyle.”

The petition was surging through the 1,300 signature level heading into the weekend.

Boynes told WND she just wants the president to listen, but it appears he’s concerned about offending those in the “gay” community, a huge source of support for his program that has been precedent-setting in its advocacy for homosexuality, same-sex “marriage” and more.

Sign the petition.

“I don’t know if he’s afraid of hurting their feelings or going against what he believes. I think that if we meet with him, we could challenge him to think differently,” she said.

It’s not the first time Obama has been publicly confronted over this issue.

Officials with Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays confirmed to WND they had written to Obama early in 2014 asking for support.

“Each year thousands of men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions make the personal decision to leave homosexuality through gender affirming programs, including counseling, support groups, faith based ministries, and other non-judgmental environments,” the letter said. “Their decision is a personal one that only they can make. However, there are those in society who refuse to respect an individual’s right to self-determination.

“Consequently, formerly gay men and women are harassed, bullied, and discriminated against simply because they dare to exist.

“Because of your public outpouring of support for the LGBT community, we ask that you also extend your support to the ex-gay community, which continues to face unprecedented prejudice, bullying and hate.”

The same organization had earlier approached Obama, when he still was a senator, with a request for support.

At that time, he was told, “Former homosexuals and their allies have been fired from their jobs, repeatedly ridiculed, assaulted and intimidated. This harassment is most often perpetrated by the same groups who demand protection under sexual orientation laws but work to deny ex-gays the same respect.”

For example, ex-”gays” routinely are excluded from NEA, PTA and American School Counselors Associations events and ex-”gay” speakers are not welcome on diversity days. Even their own conferences are picketed by “gay rights” groups.

But instead of support, the reverse developed.

“Sen. Obama knows about this discriminatory treatment firsthand,” PFOX reported. “When ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin sang at an Obama fundraiser last year, gay rights organizations demanded that Obama remove McClurkin from the program. On CNN Prime News, former Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Wayne Besen insisted that Obama should fire McClurkin just for being ex-gay. According to the Advocate, McClurkin is no longer part of the program.”

The organization has posted online the personal testimonies of a score of individuals who have chosen to leave the same-sex lifestyle.

Regina Griggs is a spokeswoman for PFOX, which enraged homosexuals with a billboard campaign pointing out identical twins seldom are homosexual, undermining the claim that a sexual lifestyle is genetic.

She told WND a study of 20,000 identical twins revealed that when one twin was homosexual, in fewer than 10 percent of the cases, the second twin also was “gay.”

She explained homosexuality is based “on someone’s feelings and expressions… It has nothing to do with genetics.”

Posted by Bob Unruh on WND


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