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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP and Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP – this is about a whole lot more than trade. These agreements would in fact change the policies and procedures of this country. The way trade is done would change of course, but so to will a great deal of other things. Other countries and even an international tribunal would have a lot of say as to how things are done in the U.S. – how our laws are written, rules that govern corporate behavior, and even the governance of the Internet. The cost of medicine and the manufacture of generic medicines (or lack thereof) could be greatly affected. The Manufacturing industry may well be encouraged through new incentives to move off-shore more than it already has.

If these are good deals for the U.S – why does Obama continue to negotiate them in secret refusing to even inform Congress of the contents of said negotiations? Is this not just like Obama to forge ahead with what he deems to be good for the country? What about what the people of this country deem to be good for this country?

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Obama is attempting to negotiate in secret, sweeping new trade agreements that also cover use and governance of the Internet, medicine and costs thereof, trade rules, copyright protections, and intellectual property rights laws among other things. As well, current and future U.S. laws would have to conform to these trade stipulations.

As Netanyahu recently stated in his speech before Congress, Obama’s deal with Iran is a “very bad deal”. So to is this set of deals, it seeks to negotiate more of America’s sovereignty away and places it in the hands of other countries and even in some cases an international tribunal that is not accountable to any government! Picture the U.S. in handcuffs here.

These supposed deals will also serve to further integrate our economy with that of many other countries, thereby forcing the U.S. to come under rule by proxy – that of rule by integration with and into other countries economic systems and rules of law.

Keep in mind other actions that the Obama administration are implementing:

In the short term this is indicative of Obama building a power base for himself in which he can rule unopposed – which in case you had not noticed he pretty much does already. Where is the outcry of the American people at this president who dares to usurp the power of Congress and rule as he sees fit? Where is the hue and the outcry of Congress – refusing to tolerate this atrocious unconstitutional abuse of power?

In the long run this sets up the U.S. to move into a socialistic ruled country and very possibly a dictatorship. The other possibility is the setting of the stage for the U.S. to be moved towards a one world government – The New World Order. This can no longer be looked at as conspiracy theory 101 being put forward by a few fanatical hacks that see men in black behind every tree and shrub – there is way to much evidence that this is exactly what is happening.

Any way you slice it – these so-called trade reforms along with Obama’s other actions or lack thereof – well they are together a very bad deal.

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