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romans 8 28 All Thiings God's purpose

Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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God wants good things for our lives. When bad things happen, we sometimes ask ourselves “how God could let this happen”? All things means all things. “All things” include our infirmities and trials; all things also includes personal tragedy that we will encounter during our life.

Life is full of difficult situations; financial tragedy, broken hearts, loss of a job, separation from a loved one, sickness, etc. As these events occur, we must trust Him believing that in these things He is working for our benefit for a good end. At the time it may not seem so, and at the time we may not understand it, but be assured that God is working for our benefit.

Too many times we are quick to decide what is a good or bad thing for our lives. Many times as situations develop God has a way of redefining what we initially perceive. Many times we will run around telling anyone who will listen how bad something is in our life, when God is intending it for our welfare. We must guard ourselves not to say “this is the worst ever” or “everything is bad in my life” because “all things” work for our good according to the mouth of Almighty God.

There have been times that I have taken situations and distorted them to tell myself that it was the hand of God in my life, when in reality it was my own ego and selfish point of view. The truth and reality of it is that I am incredibly limited in my flesh that I could not, even if I made it my life’s sole pursuit, begin to understand the workings of God in my life. When I attempt to think for God, it never ends well, and attempting to be God in my life never works for my good.

God tells us that all things will work together for good and that is precisely what He means. All circumstances, be they good or bad, will cooperate and submit to His divine will. Being led in grace will remove our affections from this world and place our affections on Him. It is His grace that has called us according to his purpose and in that grace all things work for our benefit even during pain and affliction for the promotion of happiness in our hearts.

In Grace, even afflictions trials and trouble will be a blessing. From our own point of view at the time it might seem otherwise. Looking at life through the eyes of the flesh instead of the spirit, will bring rebellion, instead of submission. If we focus on ourselves instead of Him we will experience feelings of anger, impatience, and rebellion. Resting our minds on Him will result in calmness, peace, and love.

We should receive our trials with thanksgiving, knowing that they will accomplish the purpose for which they are sent, in turn glorify God operating in our lives – His grace being sufficient for all our needs.

Your life in Christ is not without design; you are the handiwork of God in Christ Jesus. What He does in your life, He has always meant to do, even from the beginning of the foundations of the Earth.

He has a purpose and a plan. We are that purpose and that plan. He had such a purpose in regard to our redemption that He provided mercy in divine grace by Christ Jesus. He is ever watchful and purposeful attending to our needs, assuring that all things work together for the good in our lives according to His will.

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