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While unity in the church is important – it is also important to know who the false teachers are.

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Today’s false teachers mix the truth of the Bible with unbiblical stances on doctrine that are supposedly supported by the Bible. The problem with these bright, shiny, old and new diamonds of theology is that they look oh so good to many who are seeking. What are they seeking you might be asking, so glad you asked.

People are seeking alternatives to traditional church – have you heard about the Oklahoma church where the 1st beer in on them? Yes I’m serious – this is a growing trend to get people into church.

Oklahoma Pastor Defends ‘Beer and Hymns’ Church Night After Event Draws Protesters; Says ‘Jesus Drank Wine With Hookers’

Others are looking for an easier way to heaven such as by your own works, sound familiar? Or maybe there is no need for God at all, when you can simply be your own god! Sounds absurd but many are into New Age thinking.

How about church without the inconvenience of God: Church Without God  This is not an isolated phenomenon either, it is growing the world over.

Or how about tickle my ears theology where the main idea is you, not God. After all you deserve the very best right (insert Joel Osteen here)? Why shouldn’t you get all you ask for – simply name it and claim it and it’s yours. Pray hard enough and God will give you the desires of your heart. Oh wait a minute – that book we know as the Bible, it says something about needing to be in God’s will, I think they forgot that part.

Tired of hearing about your sins? Don’t like sermons that prattle on about serving, Christ, righteousness, picking up your own cross, hell, and changing your ways? No problem – just get a different church where they don’t talk about that stuff. Problem solved right?

If there is a top 10 list of false teachers Rick Warren would be on it. Warren has some good things to say, but there is much mixed in that is not good. Problem is many seem oblivious to why what he says is wrong. Take his observation that Catholics and Protestants etc. have more in common that not – after all we read and believe in the same Bible. Um, no we do not actually.

Take for instance the Catholic Bible – it has more books in it than the Protestant Bible. These additional books are problematical that is why they are not in other Bibles, these books are at some point at odds with what the rest of Scripture teaches.

Rick Warren has also said that Catholics don’t really worship Mary – uh yes Mr. Warren they do. The Catholic faith prays to Mary believing she can intercede for them, she is taught to be the queen of heaven.

How about Chrislam – the merging of Christianity and Islam?
“Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world.” – Rick Warren in a speech to Muslims. By the way – All-Merciful One is an Islamic title for Allah.

While we as Believers are called to love others – and that includes Muslims and the Pope etc., that does not mean we are to follow their teachings nor cozy up to them and sing Kumbaya together.

Watch the video below – its an eye opener to say the least.

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